Star and beads pendant earrings DIY pink crackle glass beads


Following my very first post which was already two months ago (time flies), you will find here an effortless tutorial to create beautiful pendant earrings. I have used here some crackle glass beads I bought in the mineral beads store in Sham Shui Po described in my first post.


Supplies needed:


  • Round & flat nose pliers – If you like beads jewellery I would recommend investing in a set of pliers like the one below from Amazon, it is actually the one I am using for this tutorial. There is everything you need in the set, it is good quality and comes with a zipper case to keep everything together and tidy!
  • 6mm crackle glass beads
  • 50mm long gold plated ball head pins
  • 2 gold plated fish hook earwires
  • 2 Star pendants
  • 6 gold plated jump rings 8mm
  • 2 gold plated jump rings 4mm

Round nose pliers and beads jewelery making material


DIY steps:


1. Prepare your beads


Thread your bead on the ball head pin.

Then make a round loop and make 2 tight circles at the base of this loop to block the bead.

Follow this link if you do not know how to make a wrap loop with pliers.


Gold plated head pins pink crackle beads hook making

2. Assemble everything

Once you have your beads ready with their loop, open one big ring (8mm) and insert 3 beads inside. Repeat 4 times. You have created the bottom “grapes” that will hang from the bottom of the star pendant.

To do so, slide 2 big rings per star pendant and close the rings.

Open one of the last two big rings. Make it go through the earwire hook. Then thread one bead, the small ring and a bead, close the big ring. Open the small ring (4mm) and make it go through the star pendant hook. Close the small ring. One earring is done.

Repeat these steps to finish the second earring.

You are done!

Star and beads pendant earrings DIY pink crackle glass beads


Happy crafting everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and do not hesitate to share your creations below.

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