square envelope purple leather pouch DIY


A very simple no-sew leather pouch DIY: make your own square envelope leather pouch.

After my chevron zipper leather pouch DIY, I wanted to try an easier method to make pouches using a thicker type of leather. Please follow these simple steps and enjoy!

Supplies needed

  • Square piece of leather (a thick piece can do the job as you do not need to sew)
  • Cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Punch hole
  • Button stud


DIY steps

1. Cut the leather

Prepare a template by cutting a square and folding the corners together. This way, you will define 4 triangles to be cut out.

You can also download my free pattern here!


make template no-sew square leather pouch



Trace the contour of your template with a soft-lead pencil on the back of your leather piece. Using your cutter and cutting mat, cut following the contour.

I found this nice purple piece of leather in a Sham Shui Po shop called Sun Cheong Leather, 160 Ki Lung Street. They sell some beautiful rectangles of leather.


2. Install the button stud

Make holes in the tips of the 2 side triangles + the bottom one using your punch hole.

Insert the threaded part of the stud and screw the top part.


punch holes button stud leather pouch purple


3. Top flap connection

Make a small cut at the tip of the top flap long enough to insert and block the stud button. You’re done!

You can also trim a little bit the corners as you like them.


square leather pouch make-up - no-sew


Happy easy crafting everyone!

Please share your pictures and comments below.

I am adding below a new pouch I have just done for a friend with a nice dotted fabric lining I found in Log On.


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