halloween diagramme miyuki title (1) Halloween is coming and I have prepared a few Miyuki beading grids for you to celebrate.
As I am not a big fan of  monsters or anything scary, I preferred making kawai versions of classic Halloween themes instead.
But kawai (or kawaii), what is it?  It is an adjective used to qualify anything that is cute or adorable in the context of Japanese culture.
To follow these grids, use the brick stitch technique. You will find all the details for this technique in my previous post by clicking here.
miyuki halloween chauve-souris kawai 2As usual, all my grids are registered with Creative Commons licence CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0  and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.

1.  Halloween Kawai Pumpkin Grid

Halloween grids CITROUILLE
For this grid, I have actually used the following references corresponding to the picture taken below:

Halloween kawai CITROUILLE

2.  Halloween Kawai Bat Grid

Halloween grids BAT
And here are the corresponding Miyuki beads references:

miyuki halloween chauve-souris kawai


2.  Halloween Kawai Ghost Grid

Halloween grids GHOST

You can use the same list of beads as for the bat.

You can find many ideas on what to do with your Miyuki beadworks in this post:
Title uses of miyuki beadworks
I hope you enjoyed these grids and they will inspire you for your Halloween designs!

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Happy bead weaving!

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