washable cloth wipes

Discover a zero waste way of life for the entire family with these cloth wipes which are convenient, economical, ecological, trendy and sustainable!

They can replace all the cotton pads and other wipes that fill up your bin.

They are ideal for the cleaning of sensitive baby and mommy skins alike.
For the moms: they can replace the make-up remover wipes and can be kept in your purse to dry your hands.
For babies: they are great at drying baby’s skin after change, at cleaning baby in the baby and also at wiping baby’s face and hands every day.

As I have done previously for the baby garland on my Instagram account, I made this mini sewing tutorial 📝for you to create these #lingetteslavables washable wipes that could be used for both your baby and yourself.


  • 100% cotton printed fabric
  •  Bamboo viscose sponge fabric (softer than cotton) OEKO-TEX (eco label that guarantees this fabric is made without chemicals)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • pins
lingettes lavables 8


1. I have made 10 wipes with different types of fabric, of course, you can choose to use only one type.
I have made a pattern which dimensions are 15cmx15cm using a piece of cut paper. You can also use a special ruler for patchwork pieces 15cmx15cm.
Using the pattern: pin the fabric and cut your square. Repeat with the sponge fabric.
lingettes lavables 1
2. Place the fabrics right side against right side. Pin.
On one of the faces, mark two references 4cm apart. You won’t sew between these marks to be able to turn the wipe inside out.
lingettes lavables 2
3. Sew with a straight stitch starting from one mark at about 1cm from the edge and stop at the second mark.
lingettes lavables 3
4. Cut the angles and the excess of fabric if any.
 lingettes lavables 4
5. Turn the wipe inside out through the opening. Push well the fabric in the corner to form nice corners.
lingettes lavables 5
6. Close the opening with an invisible stitch by hand or with the machine  very close to the fold.
Iron the wipe.

lingettes lavables 6

You can also make a second seam all around the wipe at about 0.5cm from the edge if you like this finishing touch, it can replace the invisible stitch (see the title picture) or leave it like that.
They are ready! 💕👌🏼 I suggest you to wash them at 40 degrees before use.
lingettes lavables 7
I hope this tutorial will help you.
These wipes are also available in my Etsy shop if you want to make gifts to future moms!
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  1. Una idea genial!!!
    Estoy deseando probar!!!
    Gracias por compartir

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