If you ask me which place I will miss the most when I will leave Hong Kong, my answer will be Sham Shui Po without hesitation.
This is indeed a place where I can spend hours and hours wandering the streets and visiting the shops.

This is not only because I love bringing my friends there and see their astonishment while discovering such a large variety of shops and markets but also because Sham Shui Po is for me a place where you can feel the “real” Hong Kong atmosphere and life.

Yu Chau Street, Sham Shui Po

There are not many tourists over there so it can sometimes be difficult to communicate if you don’t speak a little bit of cantonese but as anywhere else in Hong Kong, you can always find a kind translator not too far from you.

What surprises me every single time I go there, is that I still discover new shops or find new supplies I have never noticed before. It seems that you can find in Sham Shui Po pretty much anything that you could possibly need! And I am not joking. From a new drill to an inflatable duck, from leather tools to jewellery pliers, SSP really is the place to go!

This abundance of shops in the many streets of SSP has a consequence: even after years of Sham Shui Po shopping, I still sometimes cannot find one of the shop I am looking for! So I thought I would make a map with my favourite craft shops and the main areas of Sham Shui Po. I would like to share it with you as I cannot bring everyone on a tour with me.
This map is the collection of hours and hours of shopping. I hope it will help you find anything you need there.

Some shops and markets in Sham Shui Po


1 & 2. Kweilin street market between Ki Lung Street and Apliu Street
3. Sewing material shop – 234 Ki Lung street
4&5. HK. Johnson Lace – a large selection of lace, tulle and trims – 230 Ki Lung street
6. Street stall in front of Johnson Lace with many craft supplies


1. Index accessories, leather tools and DIY – 97 Ki Lung street, shop 11
2. C&S thread and a small fat quarters fabric shop with beautiful designs – 97 Ki Lung street shops 6 & 7
3. Sunrise Garment Accessories, trims, lace and sequin ribbons that I used for my Vanessa B. Style Bag – 81-95 Nam Cheong street, shop 5
4. Fabric shop selling felt by the yard, at the corner of Ki Lung and Shek Kip Mei streets
5. Fabric shop selling laminated fabric with beautiful prints that I used for my 10 minute box zipper pouch – 172-174 Ki Lung street
6. Ki Lung Street fabric market


1&2. J&J Imitation Jewellery – all kind of beads, wood ornaments, pompoms, many craft supplies – 215 Yu Chau Street
3. ARC (jewellery accessories) + Trademark east accessories (fashion accessories, ribbons, leather trims) – 94 Pei Ho Street
4. A tiny shop with loads of craft supplies for sewing, flower making, glue guns… – 119C Yu Chau street
5. Wah Kiu Plastic Bags – many packaging items for a good price – 222 Yu Chau street
6. Wah Kee – a good shop for leather craft supplies – 249 Yu Chau street


1. Dragon center – many small shops with Japanese and Korean goods in there as you climb up the escalators – abc knits on the 5th floor has a good selection of yarn
2. Mee Ngai Wah – 925 silver jewellery accessories – 289-291 Yu Chau street
3. Pei Ho street market (covered) – I love the fruits and vegetables section on the first floor
4. Ki Lung street market – near Pei Ho market
5. Pei Ho street market
6. Yee Chow street hawker’s bazaar – at the corner of Yee Chow and Lai Chi Kok Streets

These are just a few places I know. I have added some more on the map.

The Sham Shui Po map for craft lovers

I have chosen to share them map on a Google map format so that you can save it and come back to it while you are shopping on your phone. You can use the map directly from this page but the window may be a little small or you can click on the top right corner icon to open the map in a new tab or just click here.

Then click on the stars and coloured areas to get more information about these shops and markets such as type of goods sold, addresses, pictures, and opening hours.

Shop description example

I have not detailed in the map all the comments I made about the shops in my previous posts. You can however find them here sorted by craft:

I will continue enriching this map with new shops as long as stay in Hong Kong. Of course, do not hesitate to share your best shops and addresses in the comments below and I will add them as well.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and it will be useful to many of you.
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Happy shopping in Sham Shui Po!



  1. Great idea … question: was ABC knits the only yarn shop you came across?

  2. Hi
    Would love to access your map but it does not seem to work, would you please help?

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