5 reasons to make your own natural oil

Have you ever counted how many skincare products are piling up in your bathroom? We all regularly fall into the tempting trap of skincare marketing. I am not blaming you here as I was the first to succumb to an appealing wording or packaging. But since I have discovered the benefits of handmade skin care, I have started realising how important quality is in our beauty routine compared to quantity. So bear with me here to discover 5 reasons to replace your entire beauty regimen by making your own natural oil.

This article was first published for Zalora Community Hong Kong.

Reason 1

I have been particularly shocked by the ingredients’ list of our “conventional” skincares and by this I mean skincares from the drugstore but it also includes very expensive skincares from luxury brands. So many ingredients are just there to make the product look good, smell good or have the perfect “consistency”.They are not interacting with your skin at all so why would you need them in your beauty routine?


Reason 2

On the contrary, the “active” ingredients which are the ones the product is usually advertised for are the useful ones.
In Europe, ingredients are listed according to their proportions in the product. The first is the main ingredient, etc. When you start checking these labels, you will be amazed by the number of non-active ingredients: synthetic perfumes, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, etc. at the top of the list. Conventional cosmetics use a majority of these synthetic ingredients coming from petrochemical industry. The active ingredients are usually at the end of the list, meaning they are present but in very small quantities…
Making your own product allows you to control the quantities of active products.

Reason 3

Why paying so many different and inefficient products when you can have one to replace most of them that will do the job? Economical, efficient, convenient, environment friendly, was is not to love?

Reason 4

All the synthetic ingredients used in industrial cosmetics are not toxic of course but are the result chemical transformation which have an environmental impact and can become pollutants once rinsed and/or  washed out.
Do you really want to put products issued from the petrochemical industry on your face?

Reason 5

Unlike other fresh products, natural oil does not need to be kept in the fridge and can stay at room temperature for 6 months. No chemical conservative needed here.

So why don’t you throw all these pricey and inefficient skincares in the bin and make your very own moisturizer with actual active ingredients in quantities you control? This is so quick and simple to make, it is really worth a trial.

The main ingredient used here is coconut oil, a wonderful nourishing yet non sticky oil. It is particularly good for dry skins and has healing, antibacterial and cleansing properties. No wonder coconut oil is so trendy these days.

Supplies needed


natural oils coconut almond - supplies needed

organic coconut oil extra virgin – 50mL
organic argan oil – 25mL
organic sweet almond oil – 25mL
– 5 drops of essential oil of your choice for the perfume – I choose mandarine but you can use any other you like – this is optional, you can keep a more neutral sent with the coconut only.
– one spray bottle – 100ml so you can travel with it
– this label pattern
– some sticker labels


DIY steps

No big deal here, just mix all the oils in the bottle (1), (2) & (3). You can use a small funnel if needed.
Add 5 drops of essential oil (4).

natural oils coconut almond - DIY steps

Print your label and stick it to the bottle.
You are done!

It is perfect for every moment of the day:
– In your morning body routine, it can replace your facial day cream. Adjust the quantity according to your type of skin. Make sure you take a small amount on your palms and warm the oil by rubbing your palms before applying it in with a light massage on your face.
– This oil will be also efficient as a natural make up remover protecting your sensitive skin area around the eyes,
– Before going to bed, use it as a face night mask so you wake up with beautiful nourished skin,
– On your hair, to nourish your dry ends,
– For your body, in the morning and before going to bed.

One warning though if you have oily face skin it can be comedogenic. So better use it for your body only. You can make some in smaller bottles and bring them everywhere with you.
And one last thing you need to know: coconut oil will solidify under 20 degrees Celsius. So leave it at room temperature. If it does solidify, just place the bottle under hot water and it will melt back.

I hope you enjoyed making your own oil.

natural oil with my everything sticker

Let me know if you tried it and how many products from your beauty regimen it replaced in the comments below.

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