DIY ikea chair makeover


Lately, I have noticed how dull my IKEA chairs covers look like. They are the original color which is a pale beige. Also, after a few years of usage, there are some ugly stains on it which is not very glamorous!

Of course I could wash the cover and put it back in place but I wanted a bit of change.

So I have decided to cover this with a beautiful fabric I found in Sham Shui Po market for the bargain price of 20HKD per yard!

The fabric is very thick, comparable to the original one from Ikea and I love the pattern.

Follow this simple steps to give your chairs a new look.

Supplies needed:

  • Approx. 70cm x70cm of fabric per chair
  • A cross-head screwdriver
  • A staple gun


DIY steps:

1 & 2. Releasing the sitting part

Turn the chair upside down, you will notice you have 4 screws to remove to release the sitting part.

DIY ikea chair makeover - beige fabric with black and white drops


3. Cut the fabric

Cut a 70cm x 70cm piece of fabric to cover the sitting part.

In my example, I haven’t removed the original Ikea cover. You can if you want, it’s up to you.

I just think the chairs are already not very comfortable so an extra layer is appreciated!

4. Staple the fabric

Fold the edges and staple around the sitting part starting by the middle of each side first.

Make sure the fabric is well tightened so it doesn’t make any disgraceful folds (4).

Then take care of the corner. You will have to do some folds here. Make sure you minimize them and you staple well the fabric to tighten it.

At that stage, check the location of the 4 screw holes. If you need to cover them with the fabric, then, just make a small hole inside the fabric to ensure you can place the screw during re-assembly.

Below a better view of the fabric I have used.

5. Re-assembly

Once you have stapled your fabric, turn the chair upside down once more to screw back the sitting parts in place.

Et voila!

DIY ikea chair makeover - new fabric

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY.

I totally love my new chairs! It really gave them a fresh look – I think the pictures do not do them justice.
Please share your creations below, I would be delighted to see them. Also if you have tips about how to make this nice pattern pop up more on pictures, I am interested ;-).

Happy Ikea makeover!

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