DIY christmas craft card embroidery snowflake


Christmas time is coming so fast! I can’t believe that we are almost there.

To accompany your crafty Christmas gifts, I have prepared a few beautiful gift tags and card printable patterns which are all FREE to download below.
These are pretty easy to do and can be made with children under adult supervision (needle involved…) I hope you will love them.


Supplies needed


DIY christmas craft card embroidery snowflake and gift tags printable


Christmas craft card embroidery


DIY steps

Print your pattern directly on the craft paper sheets.

Use your needle to make holes following the pattern outline. I have basically made holes at each line intersection for the snowflake.
For the gift tags printable, I have chosen 3 designs: one is a Christmas ball outline as shown below, a star outline, and a small snowflake. For the two first ones, instead of embroidery stitches you can do simple string art style by following the outline!
I have not traced any lines to separate each tag so you can make sure they will be centered when you cut them whatever your printer margin settings are.

DIY Christmas craft gift tag handmade embroidery free printables

Then, take about two meters of cotton yarn. Make a notch and start your embroidery work.

Christmas craft card embroidery red cotton


Depending on the effect you would like to achieve, you can use different stitch types.

I have used mainly the back stitch for my snowflake card.

For my gift tag, I have used also the chain stitch. You don’t need to know many of them to make these, don’t worry!


You can off course print your own chosen image contours and apply the same technique.

Actually for the snowflakes, I have drawn the contour directly on the card and made the holes accordingly.

The association of rough craft paper and soft cotton yarn is a real delight for me to touch as a  material-feeling lover. I guess as a crafty person you will understand what i mean…


DIY christmas craft card embroidery snowflake and gift tags printable


I hope you enjoyed this DIY.

Feel free to share your creations on my Facebook page. I would be delighted to see them.

Happy crafting and gifts making!

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