5-minute feather charm with washi tape DIY

It’s September already and the summer holidays went really really fast! I have been working on parallel projects during that time and come back with many new DIY ideas I will share with you in the coming months.

But today let’s start with a very simple yet stunning DIY to make feather charms using washi tape that you can use in your jewellery making as well as home decor on a garland for example.

I also show you how to mount them on ear wires.

Supplies needed

washi tape feather supplies

  • Washi tape (also called masking tape) as many designs as you like
  • Eyepins silver or gold color whichever matches your washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Ear wires silver or gold (same color as the eye pins) – optional only if you want to make earrings with the feathers
  • Jewellery pliers – optional only if you want to make earrings with the feathers



DIY steps

Give your eye pins a nice big radius curve if you like using your fingers. Some feathers are straight so it’s up to you.

Place your washi tape starting from the eye pin to the end making sure the tape stays centered on the pin.

washi tape centered on eye pin

Fold the washi tape and stick to the back of the previous strip coming back to the eyepin.

Cut your tape to match the other strip.

match other side washi tape

Use now your scissors to cut very thin lines of masking tape on both sides of the pin. You need to have a 45 degree angle to give this feather look.

cut to give a feather look

Once feather is all cut

Then, cut the end of the feather to make it more round or in any shape you like.

feather charm is done

Your charm is ready, easy right?

If you would like to mount the charms to create earrings, simply open the eyepin loop with your pliers and insert the earwire loop inside.

earwire installed on charm

Repeat for the second earring and you are done.

earrings made with feather charm

You can also use the eyepin to hang your charms on a garland and create a beautiful and unique home decor for a kids room. Variations in size and patterns are countless!

Feather earrings small and big size

I hope you liked this tutorial.

You will also find these creations very soon in my shop Petite Boutik.

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