perfect mini trendy shawl titleWhat I love about winter is that it gives the best excuse to buy and try some new yarn for your knitting projects. As I wanted to find an easy project to restart knitting after a year, I must admit I succumbed to the French “a la mode” fashion accessory for this winter: the trendy shawl. With its triangular shape, it is very easy to do. So it is a great project for beginners.
However, it can start to be a bit long and boring as it grows. So this is the reason why I have made this shawl a mini one so you actually can make it fast before you reach that critical moment 😉
You will only need one ball (200m) of Debbie bliss angel yarn to make this mini shawl. I advise you this precise yarn to get an aerial and soft shawl.
The perfect mini trendy shawl
Also,  compared to the now famous original design of Mlle Sophie, I have modified a little bit the pattern to get some neat edges without holes when you create an increase and when you turn you work over.
I am so much in love with this shawl, I am almost happy that it is winter!
Ok, enough talking, let’s knit now!
The perfect mini trendy shawl

Supplies needed

If you are from Hong Kong and looking for some yarn shops, you refer to my post about where to find yarn in Hong Kong.

  • Debbie bliss Angel (mix of mohair and silk) or any yarn you would like to use – 1 ball (200m)!Wool Debbie Bliss Angel Coral (colour 13) x25g
  • Circular needles  80cm long – size 4.5mm

Stitches used

  • Garter stitch 
English method: Holding the yarn with your right hand
Pick the right needle into the bottom front of the first loop and wrap the needle with the yarn you are holding. Pull the stitch through and pull it off the left needle.
  • Increase hidden at the end of the row
  • Special tip to have neat edges (as shown in picture 1 below)
  • Loose bind off

DIY steps

To show you these different steps, I am using a thicker yarn than Debbie Bliss Angel so that it is easier for you to visualise which stitches I am talking about.
Cast on 3 stitches on the needle.
Knit these 3 stitches.
Turn the work over
Place the yarn between the two first stitches (2).
Transfer the first stitch to the right needle without knitting it (3 & 4).
This is the secret to a knit turn over with the garter stitch.
Gartner stitch for trendy shawl
Place the string at the back and start knitting the stitches until you have only one stitch left on the left needle.
We will now make an increase at the end of the row.
The most difficult here is to see which stitch you have to pick.
You will catch it by lifting the string with your left needle. It is the string on the front side between the stitch on the right needle and the stitch on the left needle. See below (5):
Increase at the end of the row
Catch the back of the stitch with the right needle (6) and knit it (7). You have one stitch left on your left needle (8).
Finish the row by knitting the last stitch (9&10).*
knit last stitch of the row
Repeat the steps between * until you reach the end of your ball minus 2m. You will see your triangle grow with each row and increase (11).
You then need to bind off your stitches to finish the shawl.
To keep the elasticity of your shawl, a special technique is needed to bind off loosely.
Knit the first two stitches (1 & 2). They are now on your right needle (3).
Insert the left hand needle into the two stitches on the right hand needle, on top of the right needle as shown (4).
Bind off loosely
Yarn over and knit as if the two stitches were only one (5).
You will end up with only one stitch on your right needle (6).
Repeat until the end of the row. You will obtain a neat finish as shown on (7 & 8).
Bind off your stitchesFasten off your yarn.
You are done!
The perfect mini trendy shawl
 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
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