TITLE MASKING TAPE cover butterfliesI love paper crafts and I wanted to share this very simple yet stunning project with you: customise any notebook using masking tape to create a butterflies take-off. This DIY comes with a great bonus to cut your masking tape in any shape you like…

Supplies needed

  • Different masking tapes from perles and co.com (these are in the 15mm “Pattern” section) – You can click on each individual image  below for a direct link.

Masking Tape 15 mm Dot Gold x10m     Masking Tape 15 mm Entrelacs Multicolore Slash Red x10m     Masking Tape 15 mm Tsugihagi F x10m    Masking Tape 15 mm Red Cubes x10m

Paper Poetry Notebook 2 in 1 105x140mm Kraft Paper

Supplies needed notebook & masking tape

DIY steps

Actually what is the most difficult in this DIY is to choose which masking tapes you want to use 😉
The principle is to cut triangles of masking tape.
To ease your work, I have found this great trick on the internet: stitch first your masking tape on some backing wax paper.
Backing wax paper masking tape
You can then easily cut your masking tape in any desired shape. It works with triangles but you can also use punch holes in any shape to make stickers ( I will probably make a tutorial just for that if you are interested).
Masking tape triangles on backing paper
Stick them by pairs to create the butterflies. Reduce the size of the triangles to create the distance effect of the butterflies that take off.
Masking tape butterflies notebook cover DIY
Mix and match your masking tapes to create different results.
notebook decorated with masking tape butterflies
I hope you enjoyed this short and easy tutorial.
Happy crafting!

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