Title miyuki beaded fringes earringsI have spotted this kind of earrings some time ago on Pinterest and Instagram. They are so pretty and I totally love this dangling style mixing the brick stitch technique and the fringes. Here is my tutorial to make these Miyuki fringe earrings.
As usual, the pattern provided here is an original design by Petit Bout de Chou. It is only for personal use (no commercial use).
miyuki fringes earrings finished

Supplies needed

    • Miyuki delica 11/0 beads
      • DB 2101 opaque light lemon ice
      • DB0780 trans matte raspberry pink delicas
      • DB0070 coral lined luster
      • DB2154 silver lined hibiscus

supplies needed miyuki fringes earrings

DIY steps

1. Bead weaving in brick stitch

Use this pattern to make the top part of the earrings in brick stitch.
top pattern brick stitch
Start the first row in ladder stitch. See this previous post if you want to learn the basics of brick stitch.ladder stitch
Then go downwards on the pattern using the decrease at the beginning of the row technique marked as (1) on the pattern.decrease at the beginning of the row
Weave through the beadwork to start from the third bead of the first row with a decrease at the beginning of the row (see above). decrease 2
On the next row, start with an increase.decrease
Then, weave back to the next to last bead of the row and make a decrease. Follow the pattern to the top of the pattern making a decrease at the beginning of each row  shown as (3) on the pattern.
top part brick
Place the last beads horizontally and go through it several times to hold it strongly.
top part done
Weave your way down to the bottom of the beadwork.

2. Bead threading to create fringes

Follow the pattern below by threading all the beads of the first column on your needle.
full pattern fringe
first fringeThen, go through all the beads again except the bottom one.go through beads fringe
Pull the thread but do not tighten it too much to keep the dangling effect. Go through the first bead of the brick stitch again upwards.end fringe
Then go downwards through the adjacent bead and repeat the operation to create all fringes as per the pattern.
all miyuki fringes done

3. Assembly

Open the jump ring with your pliers.open jump ring
Place the ring inside the top bead and the earwire too.
Close the ring with your pliers.
finish earring Repeat to create the second earring.
square picture fringe earrings
You are done! You can make many variations in design and colours, have some fun!

I hope you liked this tutorial.

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Happy beading!

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  1. Melina Navarro Reply

    I just love it, i’ll give it try, thank you so much for the tuto ❤️

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