japanese paper origami garland


Using some origami paper, you can make beautiful garlands to decorate your home.



Supplies needed:


  • Needle
  • 8mm silver beads
  • Sewing machine (Optional)
  • Paper glue
  • Yarn


Where can I find origami paper in Hong Kong?

For 12HKD, you can find some in Living Plaza.

I would also suggest CN square 503 Nathan Road which has a large selection of beautiful papers.

Or if you are like me a paper lover, I am sure you have some left-over papers from previous projects.


For this project I have chosen a round & a lozenge shapes however you can use any shape you like: triangles, stars, hearts… I also used this one as I have a 1″ 1/2 punch hole as you can see on the picture below.


DIY steps:

Cut out 2 circles and glue them back to back.

Then repeat to create as many circles as you need.

circles cut out origami japanese paper

First option:

Sew in the middle of the circle, leave 10 cm and sew the next circle, etc…  / or if you do not have a sewing machine, you can directly glue the circles around a thin rope of your choice.
japanese paper garland origami paper



Second option:

Place 4 circles on top of each other and see them in the middle, leave 10cm and sew again 4 circles, etc…

You have to fold the circles to create a nice “sphere” effect.
If you do not have a sewing machine, you can  glue half sections of the circles together and before gluing the last one, make sure you put the wire in between the circles! Add some glue to fix the location of  each sphere.


Here is an example of the second option in lozenge shape made with a blue color gradation and silver beads.


blue gradation lozenges cut out japanese paper


A summary of the steps:


DIY steps blue gradation lozenges garland


And the result:


blue gradation lozenges silver beads garland japanese paper


This DIY is so simple you can do it with your children for a crafty afternoon!


Depending on the type of papers you are using, you can create a nice zen feeling for your home.

If you like Japanese patterns, you can have a look at my Japanese fabric zipper pouch.

Happy crafting everyone and do not hesitate to leave me comments below!

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