DIY Tissue Paper Plum Blossom Branch

Spring time is finally coming but the weather is not really keen on following the calendar this year in Hong Kong! So in order to bring a bit of spring spirit in our houses, I have prepared this plum branches tutorial with tissue paper. You will see it is fairly simple and quick to do even for you, busy readers!


Supplies needed

  • Tissue paper
  • Flower stamen – I found them in Sham Shui Po
  • Branches – I picked mine in the garden
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • White paper glue
  • Wire
  • Pliers to cut and twist the wire

For a list of craft stores in Hong Kong, see my posts about:

DIY steps

1. Paint your flower stamen

If like me you only have white stamen in stock, you just need to paint them using acrylic paint. If you already have the colours needed, skip this and go to step 2.

plum blossom stamen painting

I have used yellow for the “seed” end and pink for the filament.

plum blossom stamen painting 2

2. Prepare the petals

Each flower is made of 5 petals. The shape is a bit like a heart cut at the bottom as you can see below.

You will need also 4 stamen.


tissue paper petals cut and stamen

Give shape to the petals by rolling the bottom part between your fingers while holding the upper part with your thumb. You should get something like this:

tissue paper petals rolled and stamen


3. Assemble the petals and the stamen

Start by folding the stamens in two and keep them together.
Take the first petal and position the stamens inside, glue together.
No need to put a lot of glue here.

gluing stamens to petals

Then, continue gluing the petals one by one around giving more shape to the flower for each new petal added. And here is your flower:

plum blossom flower

4. Fix flowers to the branch

Once you have prepare as many flowers as you want to fix on your branch, check its shape and spot the best locations to fix your flowers.

plum blossom flowers and branch

Then wrap your wire around the base of the flower and wrap it around the branch.

To make a cleaner finish, you can then warp the wire with some brown tape to hide it.


plum blossom flowers and branch with wire

You can then place your branch in a vase to decorate your home with this chic Japanese spring touch.
Here I have used a beautiful blue bottle of Perrier with some washi tape.

plum blossom branch in vase

I hope you enjoyed this spring tutorial. If you did, follow me on PinterestInstagram or Facebook for more tutorials and freebies! You can also subscribe to Petit Bout de News my monthly newsletter.

Happy crafting everyone!

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