DIY custom summer shoes embroidery

Summer has for sure reached Hong Kong by now and temperatures in the city reached their highest levels for July in half a century this Saturday! What a perfect timing to give your dressing a summery look. After my summer mini tassel earrings DIY, let’s take care of your shoes.
Learn how easy it is to dress up a pair of inexpensive flat summer shoes with embroidery floss to make your very own custom summer shoes.

Supplies needed

  • Inexpensive summer flat shoes – I bought mine at H&M for 79HKD
  • Embroidery floss in the colours of your choice
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors
  • Fabric sticker – I use Dailylike bought in Log On
  • Sketch book
  • Crayola or any other pens you like using

Inexpensive summer shoes and embroidery floss

DIY steps

1. Sketch your pattern

You can skip this step if you want to make it exactly as per my pattern. But I would recommend it if you would like to try other colours or stitches.



I first started drawing my pattern on a sketch book to check if my colours were matching and if the stitches I had in mine were looking good altogether.

embroidery on your summer flat shoes

2. Embroidery time

embroidery time custom summer shoes

Following your pattern but also your imagination and creativity, thread your needle with one of your colours and make all the pattern items in this particular colour.

My pattern is made of very simple stitches for which I do not think any details are needed as long as you know how to make one simple stitch.

But I am always there if you are struggling, do not hesitate to contact me 🙂

Repeat with each colour.

3. Hide your thread

hide your thread on custom summer shoes

Inside the shoes, you will end up with many threads. To hide them, use some fabric stickers.

Place the sticker inside and remove the protective film. Start from the bottom and cut the excess following the edge trim of the shoe.

use fabric sticker to hide threads

4. Apply protective spray

As your embroidery will be quite exposed during the summer life of your shoes, I suggest using some protective spray to protect them from water and stains. Do this outdoors and let it dry there, as this does not smell very nice! The smell should disappear once it is dry, don’t worry.

waterproofing and protective spray for your summer shoes

You are done! You can now wear your pretty custom shoes all summer long.

diy custom summer shoes with embroidery

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I would love seeing your own creations on Instagram #summershoesembroidery

petitboutdechou summer shoes embroidery

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