Title freebie of the week beaded elephant grid

This week on the blog, discover a new freebie: my beaded origami elephant.  It is made using Miyuki delica 11/0 beads and the brick stitch technique that I explain in details in these two previous posts:

beaded elephant grid miyuki

Supplies needed

  • Miyuki delica beads in colours reference Gold plated 24K DB0031  / Purple Ceylon DB0249 / White Pearl AB DB0202
  • Beading needle
  • Miyuki beading thread in gold colour
  • this grid

As usual, this grid is for personal use only and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.

grid beaded elephant miyuki square pic

DIY steps

Start with the first row as shown in the grid with a ladder stitch.

beaded elephant grid ladder stitch

Continue weaving the beads towards the tail using the brick stitch technique.

Once you reached the tail, weave your thread through the beadwork back to your starting point.

beaded elephant grid first half

Then continue on that side to make the head.

beaded elephant grid miyuki

And you are done!

beaded elephant grid miyuki

You can then make a pendant or a brooch with your beadwork. Check my previous posts out to learn how to make those:

beaded elephant grid miyuki square pic

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