Title easter DIY bunny ears teething rattleHappy Easter everyone! Here is an easy sewing DIY for this week-end: the bunny ears baby teething rattle. Follow these simple steps to create your own baby toy using soft minky fabric and cotton. I made this as a gift for my friend’s baby and he seems to like it so far 😉

Sami with bunny

Supplies needed:

Bunny ears baby teething rattle DIY

DIY steps

Cut your fabric

Print the pattern and cut it.Pin pattern on fabric

Place it on the minky fabric and pin it. Mark the contour with your erasable pen and remove the pattern.

Cut the minky following pattern

Repeat the operation on the cotton fabric.

All cuts done

Cut the two pieces using your scissors. You now have a piece of minky and a piece of cotton.

Sewing work

Place the two pieces back to back and pin them.

ears pined back to back

Use your sewing machine to sew them together at 0.5cm from the edge all around except on 6cm long where you will keep a hole to turn your work.Sewn bunny ear with hole

Turn the work upside down through this hole and sew the remaining part by hand using the invisible stitch. See this very clear explanation if you do not know this stitch already.


You are now ready to assemble the ears and the ring. To do so, you just need to fold the fabric piece in two.

Place the loop over one side of the ring. Fold the ears around the ring and insert them between the ring and the fabric to create a knot.Make knot to form the ears around ring

Pull the crossing part upwards to block the knot and arrange the ears nicely.

Bunny ears finished

You are done! You can try many different types of minky fabric and cotton patterns.

3 rattles

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Browse the sewing category for more tutorials and free patterns.

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Happy sewing!


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