Watermelon bangles bracelet DIY

Summer in Hong Kong comes with incredibly high temperatures this year and I wasn’t against a little bit of freshness when I designed this bracelet. I have to admit I couldn’t resist this summer’s watermelon trend! Its bright and vivid colours are such a delight for the eyes in this season, I thought it would make a nice summer bracelet pattern.
I choose the watermelon but you can of course make variations of this model with any beaded pattern you fancy, just follow your imagination.
This fun bracelet will make the perfect accessory for your summer outfits!

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Supplies needed:

  • Miyuki delica beads 11/0 in colours white (DB0635) / raspberry (DB0780) / turquoise (DB0793) / black
  • Jewellery pliers
  • 1 silver clasp
  • 2 3mm jump rings
  • 2 2.5mm crimp beads
  • 1 closing chain
  • 0.45mm flexible wire (this is a multi strand stainless steel wire that is nylon coated) – you will need about 1.5m of this

Watermelon bangles bracelet DIY supplies

For the mini tassel:

  • Cotton lace yarn in the colour of your choice
  • 1No. 2.5 mm crimp bead
  • 1No. 6mm jump ring
  • A long and fine needle
  • Scissors

For the beads charms:

  • 2 No. Swarovski crystal beads
  • 2 No. Head pins with ball end
  • Or any charms you fancy

DIY steps

1. Create the beaded bangles

Cut about 40cm of flexible wire. This should correspond to about two times a bracelet length around your wrist.
Fold it in two from the middle.
Flatten the loop to insert the crimp bead at 4mm from the edge.
Use your flat pliers to squeeze the bead until it has fully collapsed. This will be your beads stopper.
Then thread your miyuki beads through both wires at the same time following the pattern.

Watermelon bangles bracelet - ends

Separate the last three beads from the others and cut one wire.

Watermelon bangles bracelet - last three beads

Check the length needed to create a loop with the remaining wire and thread back through the last three beads to hide it. Cut the extra amount. Make the loop, insert the wire in the last three beads.
Flatten the loop with pliers to insert the crimp bead. Push it against the last bead and use the flat plier to squeeze the bead until it has fully collapsed.

Repeat step 1 to create 2 more bangles.

2. Make a mini tassel

You can find the detailed explanation to make these mini tassels on my DIY summer mini tassel earrings article.
Thread the cotton yarn though the crimp bead and the jump ring as many times as possible.
Squeeze the bead with your flat pliers and cut the extra thread to form the tassel.

mini tassels


3. Make the Swarovski bead charms

Thread the bead through the headpin. Use your round pliers to make a loop.
Cut the extra wire. You can find more tips on how to make these loops in my DIY geometric miyuki star earrings and heart pendant post as well as some examples bead weaving with a needle.
Repeat this step for the second bead.

swarovski charm


4. Assembly of the bracelet

assembly of the 3 bangles

At one end of the bracelet, use a 3mm jump ring to assemble the 3 bangles loops and the clasp with your pliers.

end of bracelet

At the other end, use a 3mm jump ring to assemble the 3 bangles loops and the end chain.
Fix the tassel and the beads as you like on the jump ring or the end chain.


watermelon bangles bracelet

You are done!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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  1. Quinetta James Reply

    I love this project. It is beautiful. I would use closed jump rings with this pattern so the jump ring won’t come open.Some times they do in wear.

    • Estelle Reply

      Thank you so much. Thanks also for this great tip for all readers 😉

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