DIY creole dragon fruit earrings

Summer in Hong Kong is a great season to eat many kinds tasty of South-East Asia fruits. One of the most colourful and beautiful one is the dragon fruit. I love the bright pink colour of its skin and the contrast of its white flesh with black seeds. This inspired me to create some creole earrings using a circular brick stitch to form the skin and a regular brick stitch weaving to form the heart of the fruit. You can create these at home by following this step by step tutorial for your personal use only.

Supplies needed

– Miyuki delica beads 11/0 in bright pink, pearl white and glossy black.
– Gold and white beading thread
– 2 thin beading needles
– 2 gold earwires
– 2 30mm creole gold hoops
– Scissors
– Jewellery pliers
– This free printable pattern for the heart

DIY steps

1. Prepare the heart of the dragon fruit

heart of dragon fruits brick stitch steps

Print the pattern and prepare the first row using two needles (1).


The instructions given here are specific to this pattern assuming you know the basics of brick stitch to increase/decrease the number of beads and how to make a start row. If you don’t, please have a look first at my baby owl pendant DIY where I explain the different steps in details.


Continue forming the heart by doing one decrease at the beginning of the row (2).

To do so, string on the 2 first beads of your row.

Then, slide the needle between the second and third beads of the previous row.

Pull the string fully and go through the second bead of the new row (3).

Pull the string. The first bead may not take its position yet but will do with the next rows (4).

At the end of the row, simply stop your row with a normal stitch.
Continue until you reach the last row on the right and weave through the beadwork to reach the start point and repeat the previous steps to form the second half of the heart.
Then make a second heart.

2. Prepare the creole skin of the fruit

creole circular brick stitch steps row 1

Make a solid knot with your gold beading thread and thread your needle(1).
String one bead and go through the hoop(2).
Go through the bead and pull the thread (3).
Repeat all around the hoop (4).

creole circular brick stitch steps row 2

For the second row, it is the same decrease at the beginning of the row as explained for the heart.
String two beads. Slide the needle between the second and third beads of the previous row.

Pull the string fully and go through the second bead of the new row (1).

Then continue with a normal stitch (2) all around.

Weave through the beadwork to hide the end of the thread. Pretty, right? I love this circular brick stitch technique!

heart and creole ready to assemble

Your two parts are formed.

3. Assemble the earrings

assemble the heart and the creole

Now, we need to connect the heart to the hoop. You could use a jump ring, I actually used some gold wire to connect the top bead of the heart to the little hole at the top center of the creole hoop.

assemble and fix the earwire

To connect the earwire to the hoop, use your pliers to open the loop of the earwire and go through the top hole of the hoop. Close it with your pliers.

dragon fruit creole earring finished

Your earring is done! Repeat these operations for the second one.

diy dragon fruit earrings

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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